What Is the Application Process for Obtaining Disabled Senior Housing?


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The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, has programs to assist disabled seniors in obtaining suitable housing that can be applied for through local Public Housing Agencies, or PHAs. The HUD website's PHA Contact Information Portal provides a listing of PHAs across the U.S. that can be accessed through an interactive nationwide map. The Housing Choice Voucher Program, or HCVP, is the largest of HUD's housing assistance programs and provides both tenant-based and facility-based rent vouchers to assist the disabled, the elderly and low-income families.

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The tenant-based vouchers supplied by HUD's Housing Choice Voucher Program enable disabled seniors to rent housing anywhere within the private market provided that the landlord agrees to the program's guidelines. Once approved, the voucher program follows the tenant if they move to another location. PBVs are vouchers that are connected to specific facilities, units or projects and can not be transferred to other locations.

In order to qualify for the program, the applicant must meet specific financial eligibility requirements that are based on personal income in relation to the median income in the local PHA's jurisdiction. The local PHA will collect all relevant financial and medical information from the applicant, who is then placed on a waiting list. The waiting period can be quite long, and applicants can request to have their income be pre-qualified rather than learning the determination later when their turn comes up on the waiting list.

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