How Do You Appeal an FBI NICS Denial?


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Individuals appeal an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System denial through the agency's website, by mail or by fax, the FBI explains. An applicant fills out a form with name, address, phone number and NICS transaction number, attaching court documents and other pertinent information. The FBI recommends including a completed fingerprint card. As part of the form, individuals are permitted to request the reason for their denial.

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Appeal forms are available through the FBI's NICS webpage and its customer service phone number, according to the agency. Individuals file appeals when they think their applications were mistakenly denied. Within five business days of receiving a request, the Appeal Services Team supplies the reason for the denial. It also identifies additional information needed to continue the appeal, such as a fingerprint card.

A fingerprint form in on the agency's website, the FBI states. These are completed by authorized fingerprinting bureaus such as sheriff’s offices and police departments. The FBI rejects fingerprint forms when they are incomplete or of poor quality. If this occurs, the applicant returns to the fingerprinting bureau and repeats the process.

NCIS applicants should wait 30 days after submitting their original petitions before filing appeals, the agency suggests. This gives the FBI sufficient time to process applications.

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