How Do You Appeal a County Court Verdict?

A county court verdict is appealed to the next highest court by filing a Notice of Appeal in the county court and the appellate court, explains the Colorado Judicial Branch. This appeal, and any other required documents, must be filed within the prescribed deadline following the county court judgment. Deadlines and court titles vary by state. The filing of the Notice of Appeal triggers subsequent deadlines for briefing and other requirements of the appeal, notes the American Bar Association.

Court names and pleading requirements vary from state to state and also vary by type of case. As of 2015, civil appeals on cases in California involving $25,000 or less have 30 days from the day the clerk notifies a party of the final judgment, or 90 days from the entry of judgement, states California Courts. In cases involving higher amounts, the deadline for filing the notice of appeal is 90 days from the date the clerk sends notice of final judgment or 180 days from entry of judgment.

In Colorado, a Notice of Appeal must be filed in the county court within only 15 days of the judgment, and a Notice of Appeal must also be filed in the District Court within 30 days of the judgment, notes the Colorado Judicial Branch. In most states, criminal appeals may only be filed by criminal defendants, explains the American Bar Association.