Where Does AnyWho Get the Cell Phone Numbers to List?

The information commerce company Intelius Incorporated provides the personal identifying information available on AnyWho, including cell phone numbers as well as the names, ages, addresses, phone carriers and locations associated with cell phone numbers. Intelius Incorporated procures all its information from public records, publicly available information and commercial records.

Intelius Incorporated defines public records as birth and death certificates, business records, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, property title and lien documents, and court records. Online and offline information that is publicly available but not maintained by any government agencies fits Intelius Incorporated's definition of publicly available information. Some examples of publicly available information cited by Intelius Incorporated include, but are not limited to, professional licensing and trade organization information, news articles and press releases. Intelius Inc. defines commercial records as records that are available for purchase and maintained by private enterprises, such as telemarketing and mailing lists, business profile data and phone connection information.

While Intelius Inc. serves as the sole provider of all the personally identifying information available publicly on AnyWho, such as cell phone numbers and names, all of the contact information regarding businesses listed on Anywho come from Yellow Pages, the corporate owner of Anywho and White Pages.