What Is the American Medical Association?


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The American Medical Association is an organization that supports doctors and medical students and works to educate the public about health and medicine. It also funds some medical research and is involved in political lobbying.

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The AMA's membership is made up of both medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine, as well as current medical students. The organization works to pass legislation and other policies that support doctors, such as malpractice reform. It tends to take a conservative position politically and has historically fought against programs such as Medicare.

It engages in some charitable endeavors, such as providing scholarships to students in need. It collects money to buy basic medical supplies, such as stethoscopes, for doctors and nurses in poor areas around the world. It also pays for educational programs directed at the public in order to increase general knowledge about health and supports local efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles in various communities throughout the United States.

The AMA was founded in 1847. It has a strict code of ethics that has been adopted by the medical community as a whole. This code of ethics applies to the way doctors interact with their patients, what kind of training they need to undergo, and their general conduct. While it was first developed in 1847, it continues to evolve as of 2015 due to new technology and other changes.

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