Am I Eligible for a Housing Benefit?


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The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) public housing assistance program is one of the many programs that offer housing benefits you may be eligible for. According to HUD, benefits from this program are limited to individuals and families who have low income. To determine if you are eligible, you need to contact your local social services office or public housing agency for specific application requirements.

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Eligibility for HUD programs and awarded benefit amounts are based on factors such as annual income, family size and whether you are disabled or elderly. United States citizenship status is also a determining factor. To apply for housing benefits through HUD, visit your local public housing agency.

There are several programs available thorough HUD that are designed to assist with housing. You may qualify for rent vouchers which, when presented to your landlord, pay a portion or all of your monthly rent. HUD may also refer you to a low-income apartment complex where your rent will be based upon your annual income.

If you already own a home and you are looking for housing benefits, those are also available through your local public housing agency. If you are looking to purchase a house, you may also qualify for housing benefits through HUD.

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