How Does AllianceOne Collect Debts?


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AllianceOne collects debts through phone contact with the debtor. Once the contact is confirmed, an AllianceOne representative questions the reason for the unpaid debt and creates a payment plan to pay off the debt.

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AllianceOne provides debt collection services for business experiencing debt collection issues. Representatives train to make outbound calls using information provided at the time the account was open. They begin investigating the leads that place them in contact with the debtor in order to discuss the debt and why the debt was not paid in full or at all.

Representatives act as a first-party or third-party representatives for companies with the outstanding debts. They make the payment arrangements as well as enforce those arrangements and collect the money. The money, minus any fees they charge the originating business for the debt collection services, is applied to the designated account.

If the payment is not made, the representative with AllianceOne contacts the debtor to determine why the payment is missing. New payment arrangements may be an option or a pay-off amount that is pre-set by the originating company holding the debt may be an option as well. If the payments are still standing, they will be sent for further collections or legal action including credit reporting.

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