Who Is Alice Crimmins?


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Alice Crimmins was charged in 1967 with murdering her two children in 1965. The same day she reported the children missing, the body of her daughter was found half a mile from home. She had been strangled.

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Five days later, the body of Alice's son was found approximately a mile from home. The cause of death could not be officially determined because the body was so badly decomposed.

Alice Crimmins was eventually convicted of manslaughter, but that conviction was overturned shortly thereafter. In 1971, she was tried again and convicted of murder for her son's death and manslaughter for her daughter's. In 1973, those convictions were also overturned due to misstatements made by the prosecution. The DA appealed and had this ruling overturned, and Alice went back to prison yet again. In 1977, Alice Crimmins was paroled for good.

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