Why Was Al Qaeda Originally Formed?

Osama bin Laden formed Al Qaeda in 1988 in order to advance the Islamic revolution throughout the Muslim world and fend off outside intervention in the nations of the Middle East. Al Qaeda was a consolidation of the international workout that bin Laden formed during the Afghan War. According to PBS, the organization functioned both on its own and through other terrorist organizations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

One of the main goals of Al Qaeda was to drive United States' troops out of Saudi Arabia following the Afghan War. Through this organization, bin Laden also aimed to remove foreign armed forces from Somalia by using violent attacks. In order to rally support for these attacks, leaders of Al Qaeda issued rulings on Islamic law called fatwahs, which indicated that the attacks were necessary for religious reasons.

In order to achieve its original goals, Al Qaeda employed many unfavorable tactics. According to PBS, the terrorist group made attempts to obtain nuclear weapons as early as 1992. Training camps built in Afghanistan were used to train Al Qaeda members in security and counter-intelligence methods. Well known Al Qaeda attacks include the bombing of two hotels in Yemen, which targeted American troops on their way to Somalia, and the attempted assassination of Egyptian President Hosnu Mubarak in 1995.