How Do You Find an Air National Guard Recruiter Near You?

How Do You Find an Air National Guard Recruiter Near You?

Find an Air National Guard recruiter near you by using the interactive map at Alternatively, call (800) 864-6264 to talk to a recruiter as of 2015.

Click Careers on the banner at the top to access the map. You can then select an Air National Guard base to see the recruitment officials near the base. Select one of the blue circles, as the yellow pins stand for states and do not reveal recruiters in the area. Once you've selected a base, scroll down to find a list of recruiters in a box on the left.

The website can also share the address information with Google Maps to provide turn-by-turn navigation. Click Get Directions to open Google Maps. The application automatically detects your location and displays navigation instructions.

If interested in a specific position in the Air National Guard, click See All Careers after picking a base. The website then displays the available personnel vacancies below. Blue ticks indicate vacancies that are currently open. Blue banners in the thumbnails indicate the positions that require college degrees.

In addition to the bases in the mainland United States, the U.S. Air National Guard has bases in Guam, Alaska, Dominican Republic and Alaska as of 2015. With six bases, Hawaii has more Air National Guard bases than some states in the mainland United States.

You can contact an Air National Guard advisor to learn more about the recruitment process, career options and benefits. Click Live Chat With ANG to contact an advisor.