What Is Air Force Boot Camp Like?


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Basic military training in the United States Air Force is an eight and a half-week training camp that focuses on field skills, physical conditioning and the fundamentals of military life. Training instructors push recruits to meet high performance standards, and a recruit who struggles to keep up can create more challenges for his entire team.

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As a new recruit, you arrive at Lackland Air Force Base several days before the start of basic training. That time is spent cleaning toilets, mowing lawns and performing other similar tasks. Once training begins, you're given a team, a haircut, a uniform and a bunk.

One aspect of basic training is the physical fitness program. This program runs six days a week, and those six days are divided evenly between aerobic running and muscular endurance training. Aerobic runs are 40 minutes long with sprint intervals, and you are time-tested each week on a two-mile run. Muscular endurance training focuses on improving upper body and abdominal strength with circuits of crunches, leg lifts, push ups, pull ups and more.

During the final two and a half weeks, you learn how to fire an M-16 assault rifle, identify unexploded ordinance and perform first aid. At the end of basic training, you are sent from camp to your designated technical school to move on to the next stage of your career in the Air Force.

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