What Are Some Air Force Bases in California?

What Are Some Air Force Bases in California?

Air Force bases in California include Beale Air Force Base, Edwards Air Force Base, Los Angeles Air Force Base and Vandenberg Air Force. California also hosts several joint military, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corpse and Navy bases.

Beale Air Force Base, which is located in Marysville, California, hosts the Ninth Reconnaissance Wing, which is part of the 12th Air Force Wing. The base serves as an operations center for collecting intelligence related to national defense and chemical warfare services, and it also serves as the quartermaster depot.

Edwards Air Force base, located in Edwards, California, is known for having been a testing ground for numerous aircraft. It is operated by the 95th Air Base wing and hosts the 412th Test Wing, which conducts flight and ground testing of aircraft and weapons systems and components.

Los Angeles Air Force Base is located in El Segundo, California. It is the home of the 61st Air Base Wing and provides administrative and base services for the Air Force Space Command's Space and Missile Systems Center. The SMC develops, acquires and manages military space systems, such as global positioning systems and military satellite communications.

Vandenberg Air Force Base is home to the 30th Space Wing, which manages space and missile testing, and West Coast satellite launch and orbital placement. It is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles.