What Agencies Perform Free Home Repairs for the Elderly?


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Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization, helps remodel or rebuild the homes of low-income elderly at no cost to the homeowner. The government also offers home repairs and modifications through home improvement loan programs, while some organizations, such as the American Association of Retired Persons and the Habitat for Humanity offer grants for home repair and modification programs.

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Rebuilding Together is a volunteer-based organization that focuses on helping the elderly in repairing and remodeling their homes for easier and safer mobility. The organization's projects include building of ramps, stair and porch repairs, kitchen remodeling and cleaning of basements, yards and attics. Low-income elderly, disabled persons, multigenerational families and victims of calamities may apply and be eligible to the services of the organization.

The Department of Agriculture provides single-family housing repair loans up to $20,000 and grants up to $7,500. The loan funds may be used to repair, improve or modernize a house, while the grant may be used to remove safety and health hazards. The grant is only applicable to senior citizens age 62 and above who are not capable of paying a loan, while very low-income families may apply for the loan.

The AARP provides home repair programs to millions of older low-income homeowners who require critical repairs and improvements for a safer home. In 2013, the AARP also awarded a total of $780,000 to several other organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Inc. and Tuesday Toolmen Inc. These organizations offer grants and accept applications for home repair services, grants and loans.

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