What Is the Age When a Child Can Legally Be Left Home Alone in North Dakota?

As of 2012, North Dakota Department of Human Services' guidelines state that children 8 years and under should be supervised at all times. Children who are 9 years old cannot be left unsupervised for more than two hours during the day.

Children 9 years of age cannot be responsible for younger children or be left alone overnight. Children who are 12 years and older can become babysitters, providing they successfully complete an approved child care training course. The Department of Human Services recommends that children under 15 be attended to overnight.

Age is not the only factor to consider in leaving a child home unsupervised, according to the NDSU Extension Service. It is also important to consider the ability of the child in handling various situations. The child also needs to feel comfortable being left alone, even if the parent thinks the child is capable.