What Are Affidavit of Support Letters?

Affidavit of Support letters are legal documents in which a sponsor agrees to provide required levels of financial support for an immigrant until certain legal requirements are met, according to the Cornell University Law School. Affidavit of Support letters are also referred to as bank statements, according to RedBus2US.

When preparing Affidavit of Support letters, the sponsor is required to provide certain information. According to the National Immigration Law Center, this includes information on personal and household income, income of the intending immigrant, household size of the sponsor, the number of immigrants for which the sponsor intends to provide financial support and contact information for the parties involved. Apart from governments, educational institutions such as the Portland State University typically demand Affidavit of Support letters from international students.

In general, affidavits are voluntarily written statements of facts, says Wikipedia. To make such statements legal, they have to be verified and signed or notarized by a person legally authorized to do so, such as a commissioner of oaths or a notary public, adds Wikipedia. Affidavits are legally enforceable documents. For this reason, giving false information in an affidavit can lead to prosecution for perjury, warns Wikipedia. Affidavits must remain objective and should not contain personal opinions, warns Family Law Court Australia. For this reason, the court recommends seeking legal help when preparing these documents.