What Are the Advantages of a Two-Child Policy?

Some of the advantages of a two-child policy are to cut back on the number of forced abortions that occur under the one-child rule, reduce the number of abandoned children and help even out the number of males and females. For the past 35 years, and up until 2014, residents of China were only allowed to have one child.

As a result of the one-child rule, women in China have been dragged from their homes for forced abortions. Some of the abortions were late-term abortions, which resulted in the deaths of the mothers. Forced sterilization also occurred on women who had already had a child. Offering a two-child policy benefited those who choose not to have children by allowing them to carry two children for those who could not conceive.

Even though the government in China has loosened the limits to allow certain families to have another child, about half of those families have stated they will not take advantage of the change, according to the country's National Health and Family Planning Commission. In spite of the benefits, many couples are concerned with the rising costs of raising a child. Also, it is a cultural norm that husbands are required to provide a car, an apartment and other material riches to a bride, which can push many families into debt.