What Are the Advantages of Presidential Government?

advantages-presidential-government Credit: Pool/Getty Images

A presidential system of government is one in which a popularly elected head of state acts as the overall authority in the country. The term has been in use in the United States since before the Civil War to distinguish it from the British system. One of the benefits of the presidential system is that change may be implemented quickly, requiring only a willing leader.

Affecting change usually requires less red tape under a presidential government in comparison to a parliamentary one. A presidential government can work more speedily and decisively. Additionally, presidential systems are normally more stable than other forms of government. The president is the government's spokesperson in both internal and external affairs.The head of state, elected through the direct mandate of the people, generally has a tenure of fixed length, and legitimately removing the president from power can be a complicated process. The other major advantage of a presidential system is that it allows for greater checks and balances. The separation of powers allows the government to monitor itself. For all the above reasons, a presidential government is favored in most parts of the world, and it is used in the majority of countries despite some of its flaws.