What Are the Advantages of a Monarchy?

advantages-monarchy Credit: William Andrew/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

A major advantage of a monarchy is that only one person makes the decisions for the entire nation, which eliminates decision-making time and reduces political arguments. A monarchy is a form of government that has one ruler and a chain of command governing the nation. Varying forms of monarchies exist.

Monarchies eliminate the cost of electing a new monarch because the existing monarch selects their successor. Additionally, some monarchies are based on heredity, so the successor is often already known for years in advance. Monarchies tend to have greater citizen approval because the monarch rules for a significant period of time which allows the citizens to form attachments, and become loyal to the monarch. Monarchies often have less corruption, as there is a smaller number of people available to bribe, and the monarch understands that they are not elected on the basis of a political platform, or on the basis of any particular majority approval.