What Are the Advantages of an Expatriate?

An expatriate has an opportunity to earn a higher salary than those in the same field at home, potentially with tax benefits. A higher standard of living accompanies these positions in many cases, and many believe the overseas experience itself is a serious advantage.

Many expatriates experience increased earning potential with their overseas positions. They can also be provided housing with luxurious amenities. Employers often provide housing and vehicle allowances as well as annual plane tickets home. While they may still be subject to income taxation in their home country, credits may be available to provide a financial incentive to these workers.

Expatriates experience new culture and are given the opportunity to see parts of the world to which they may not have otherwise been exposed. This is not just limited to the area where the work assignment is, but to other countries that are in close proximity that can be reached by cheaper means of transportation than from home.

Those with overseas experience oftentimes have a competitive advantage in the job market compared to those without similar backgrounds. Expatriates participate in foreign business environments and gain access to expanded business networks. Potential employers participating in the global marketplace may consider those with international experience to be more valuable additions to their companies.

Moving out of the country can provide some expatriates with much-needed space for their emotional well-being. Some may be looking to get away following a traumatic experience at work, in a relationship or at home.