What Are the Advantages of Divorce?

advantages-divorce Credit: Abhishek Jacob/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Despite its generally negative connotation, being divorced may bring about personal, emotional, relational and financial advantages. Divorced people sometimes pursue enriching and confidence-building activities they gave up during marriage. Some people also expand or renew social relationships and gain independence after separating from the marital relationship.

In some cases, people lose touch with their personal identity and self-interests during marriage. A divorce may cause a person to reflect on passions and preferred activities. Being independent again allows someone time and freedom from pressure, allowing that person to make choices that are self-serving.

Divorce can also free someone from the emotional control or abuse that comes with unsuccessful marriages. Spouses sometimes use emotion, consciously or not, to control the actions and behaviors of significant others. A divorce may free a person from such controls, which often leads to a reduction in stress and feelings of inadequacy.

Divorce also opens a person up to the potential of a new relationship. After a divorce, the person has legal, spiritual and emotional freedom to pursue a new relationship with someone who may become a better relational fit.

A divorce may also have financial advantages for some people. A person awarded a portion of combined assets and income after divorce may have more financial power than when finances were shared in the marriage.