What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving Foreign Aid?

Advantages to giving foreign aid include saving lives after a disaster, and encouraging industrial development, which creates jobs; disadvantages include an increased risk of corruption and a dependency on the donor countries. Aid from other countries can create as many problems as it sets out to solve.

Countries like the United States and Great Britain often send aid to other countries that are faced with a natural disaster or to underdeveloped countries that need help just to feed their people. Foreign aid can help people rebuild their lives, help to provide medication and equipment for those people in need, and can even aid farmers to help them increase crop production while increasing the quality of their food. It is often used to help third-world countries develop clean water technology and sanitation and teaches people how to develop natural resources and power supplies.

However, in doing these necessary things for other countries, water may end up costing more, foreign aid may cause political or economic stress on an already fragile civilization and unethical political leaders in the countries receiving aid may use the money to benefit themselves and their causes rather than the people in the area. These are all things that must be taken into consideration before sending aid.