What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Democracy?


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The advantages of a democracy include the chance for equality and a stable, responsible administration while the disadvantages include a misuse of public funds and the possibility of making the wrong choice of who to put in office. The chances of being led by incompetent leaders is also very high in a democracy.

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What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Democracy?
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In a democracy, the people's interests are often protected. All members of a particular country, state or city are equal in the eyes of the law. A more stable government is formed when there is a fixed administration of elected representatives. People also learn about their rights as individuals from an early age and take this knowledge and the power it gives them to their death beds.

One of the major complaints voiced by those opposed to a democracy is that a lot of money is wasted on campaigns and elections. They feel this money is better spent to help the same citizens who are responsible for electing officials. There is always the possibility that the people elected to powerful leadership positions are the wrong people, and that they want these positions to waste public money on frivolous things.

A final disadvantage to a democracy is that it often seems to take the needs of the wealthy into consideration before the needs of the poor or disadvantaged. The promise of equality may sometimes be overlooked or blatantly ignored.

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