What Are the Admission Requirements for West Point Military Academy?


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Admission requirements for West Point Military Academy stipulate that candidates must be U.S. citizens between 17 and 22 years old when they join the academy. They must be unmarried, not pregnant, not responsible for children, and eligible medically and academically. All candidates must have official nominations from qualified government representatives.

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Candidates for West Point must have above-average academic records and perform well on the SAT or ACT Plus Writing pre-college examinations. Candidates go through initial screening by taking an online questionnaire. They must demonstrate good mental and physical health and pass a medical examination administered by the Department of Defense. Their eyesight must be 20/20 either naturally or when wearing contact lenses or glasses. Additionally, they have to pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment, which consists of events such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, basketball throw and a one-mile run.

As soon as they begin their initial questionnaires, candidates should apply for official nominations, because no candidate is allowed to enter West Point without a nomination from a U.S. senator, a member of the House of Representatives or the Vice President of the United States. West Point offers admission solely on the basis of merit and does not offer special opportunities for those of specific genders or minority groups.

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