What Are the Admission Requirements for Army Ranger School?

Individuals interested in attending Army Ranger school have to go through a series of tests that evaluate physical stamina. Soldiers must meet a the minimum score for each physical fitness test before consideration in moving forward with the next three phases.

As of 2015, the initial qualification test requires that candidates do 49 push-ups within two minutes and 59 sit-ups within two minutes. In addition, they must successfully do six pull-ups, run a two-mile run in less than 15 minutes and 12 seconds and run a five-mile run in less than 40 minutes. Candidates are expected to hike 16 miles carrying a 65-pound pack for five hours and 20 minutes and pass a 15-meter swim while carrying gear.

If selected, candidates must attend three separate phases in Ranger school. The first phase, called the Fort Benning Phase, is divided into two parts and lasts 20 days. The first part requires a physical fitness test similar to the qualification test where candidates must meet a more extensive list of requirements. The second phase focuses on hikes and long marches with the intention of teaching the fundamentals of patrolling and small unit tactics.

The second phase, or the Mountain Phase, lasts 20 days and focuses on teaching students how to operate in small units. Students must learn to sustain themselves while supporting their subordinates through the mountain's harsh conditions. The final phase, called the Florida Phase, lasts 16 days and focuses on small boat and ship-to-shore operations in addition to teaching stream crossing techniques and survival skills needed to operate in jungle and swamp environments.