How Do You Access the Wisconsin CCAP?


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Access the Wisconsin CCAP by going to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Web page, reading the terms of use and clicking on the I Agree button. From there, you are taken to a Web page where you can search for cases by name, county and case number.

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Case information is uploaded to the website on an hourly basis unless there is maintenance being performed on the website or the website is having technical issues. The website information is accurate after the updates have been performed. Each county in the state of Wisconsin began using the management systems at different times, so cases that have been converted and uploaded may display less information than more current cases.

Certain records that are not open to the public are not displayed on the website. These records include juvenile delinquency cases, child protection cases, adoptions and terminations of parental rights. The website does accurately reflect the information that is entered into the case-management system, although the official judgement and lien docket is located in the office of each clerk of the circuit court for each county. If data is found that is believed to be incorrect, the public can contact the circuit court where the case was originally filed.

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