How Do You Access Voting Results by County?


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Each individual state has a government entity, usually the State Board of Elections or the county's Election Commission, and the voting results by county are available from the state's website. Election results are archived online and can be accessed by selecting the Election Results link.

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In order to access election results from a specific state's or county's website:

  1. Access the specific state and county website
  2. From the state's website, the election results can be searched based on the election date or the specific county. Most official government state websites are the state's abbreviation followed by ".gov." For example, if the county was located in the state of Texas, the website address would be www.tx.gov.

  3. Enter specific information into the search
  4. From the state's website, use the search box to access county voting results by using the county's name or election date. The website also gives information regarding the election results like voter turnout versus registration, the number of ballots returned and counted and the percentage of votes per candidate.

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