How Do You Access Public Records in Indiana?


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According to the City of Indianapolis, requests for public records from a public agency are made in person, by telephone or in writing. The request must be reasonably specific about the record being requested. Indianapolis's government advises contacting the public agency to determine if a specific request form is required to make the request for the records.

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When requesting public records, no specific purpose is required. The public agency must respond to oral requests or requests made in person within 24 hours and to written requests within seven days of receipt. The response does not need to be the requested records but merely an acknowledgement of the request. The records must then be disclosed within a reasonable amount of time. The agency is allowed to charge copy fees for documents or charge the cost of duplication for materials such as maps, surveys and tapes.

While all public agency records, including writings, reports, maps, tape recordings and photographs, must be disclosed upon request, there are some exceptions. Trade secrets, confidential financial information and records protected by state laws, such as adoption or medical records, may not be disclosed. In addition, law enforcement investigatory records, advisory materials and certain employee personnel information may be disclosed at the discretion of the agency.

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