How Do You Access a Past File of Your Weekly Unemployment Benefits?

Individuals can access past files pertaining to weekly unemployment benefits by creating a user ID and password with their state of residence's online unemployment portal. For example, the Arizona Department of Economic Security supports a Weekly Claim System that prompts users to enter their Social Security numbers and view claim information from a drop-down menu.

State unemployment portals allow users to view claim status, remaining balances, unresolved issues and disqualifications. The unemployment portal also stores information about processed claims from the past and benefit information that can be used when filing taxes.

Most states require people receiving unemployment benefits to file weekly claims. Users who do not log in to the online system to submit a weekly claim or do not process a paper claim at the unemployment office are at risk of losing benefits. Unemployment benefits may also be at risk if individuals have legal issues pending, such as a separation, or do not process weekly claims on time each week. Each state stipulates specific requirements to determine if residents are eligible for unemployment benefits and requires documentation to prove eligibility such as financial status, proof the individual is seeking employment and obligations or disabilities that impair the process of finding a job.