How Do You Access the National Change of Address Database?

How Do You Access the National Change of Address Database?

To access the National Change of Address database, you must pay an upfront licensing fee and potentially an annual fee for the NCOA Link Product. The NCOA Link Product is software, and each licensee has unique log-on and access credentials.

There are six NCOA Link Product categories, with license fees ranging from approximately $6,200 to $207,000, as of 2015. The licensing categories include Interface Developer, Interface Distributor, Full Service Provider, Limited Service Provider and End User Mailer.

The sixth license category is the NCOA Link MPE Solution, which updates multiline optical character readers and enables them to apply change-of-address information onto mail before submission to the United States Postal Service.

Mailers who currently use Standard MPE pay roughly $16,000 to switch to NOCA Link MPE Solution and about $8,000 to apply the update to secondary sites. In other cases, the cost of an NCOA Link Product license includes a prorated initial licensing year fee and an annual fee.

In addition to fees, the USPS requires all prospective NCOA Link Product licensees to complete a certification package and corresponding procedures for each site that uses the product. Packages and procedures vary between license categories and include certification tests.

The USPS only accepts certification material via regular mail. Complete details for each license category, and its certification packages and procedures are available in PDF on