How Do You Access Marriage Records in Texas?

How Do You Access Marriage Records in Texas?

To access marriage records in Texas, interested parties need to contact the Vital Statistics department of the Texas Department of State Health Services. This office provides verification letters of marriage as long as those marriages don't pre-date 1966. People can order these verification letters online to save time.

  1. Go to the Vital Statistics website

    To get access to marriage records a person must first go to and select Marriage Verification Letter from the dropdown menu.

  2. Fill out date range

    The next step in the process is to fill out the date range of the marriage being sought. This can be a rather large range if the exact date isn't known.

  3. Fill out data and pay fee

    After narrowing down the marriage to a certain date range, users need to know the full name of either the wife or the husband (the maiden name if its the wife) as well as other pertinent information such as the city where the husband or wife was born, the dates of birth for both or either members of the couple, and the ages of either the wife or the husband when the marriage occurred. If the marriage records are found, there a varying fee is charged depending on how many copies are needed.

  4. Submit the official request

    If the marriage records are indeed found, the user simply needs to submit the request along with the fee. The agency mails the records within two weeks.