How Do You Access Congressional District Maps?

Navigate to's Find a Senator or Representative Web page, and enter the name of the representative for whom you want a congressional district map, as of November 2015. Alternatively, you can enter the state, ZIP code or address for a congressional district map. Double-clicking on a state on's United States map divides these selected states into congressional districts.

If you enter "Wisconsin" in the By State search box and click Search, a map of the state of Wisconsin is divided into Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts. Above the map, view pictures of the eight Wisconsin congressional delegates and some basic biographical information. Click on the View District Map link for a detailed map of the selected representative’s congressional district.

Entering a ZIP code returns the representative’s name for that district plus a local district map. Click on the congressman’s name for detailed information and contact information. Some congressional districts span more than one ZIP code, so entering your address in the search information gives a more precise search result for your particular congressman. also provides information about pending legislation and offers a tracking tool. This tool may be used to track the votes of members of Congress or specific pieces of legislation.