How do you access congressional district maps?


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Navigate to GovTrack.us's Find a Senator or Representative Web page, and enter the name of the representative for whom you want a congressional district map, as of November 2015. Alternatively, you can enter the state, ZIP code or address for a congressional district map. Double-clicking on a state on GovTrack.us's United States map divides these selected states into congressional districts.

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If you enter "Wisconsin" in the By State search box and click Search, a map of the state of Wisconsin is divided into Wisconsin���s eight congressional districts. Above the map, view pictures of the eight Wisconsin congressional delegates and some basic biographical information. Click on the View District Map link for a detailed map of the selected representative���s congressional district.

Entering a ZIP code returns the representative���s name for that district plus a local district map. Click on the congressman���s name for detailed information and contact information. Some congressional districts span more than one ZIP code, so entering your address in the search information gives a more precise search result for your particular congressman.

GovTrack.us also provides information about pending legislation and offers a tracking tool. This tool may be used to track the votes of members of Congress or specific pieces of legislation.

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