Why Was the 7th Cavalry Regiment Nicknamed "Garryowen"?


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The 7th Cavalry Regiment was nicknamed "Garryowen" because its band adopted "Garry Owen," an Irish melody, as their theme song. The regiment, part of the 5th Squadron, was the only one that had a band. Whenever the regiment marched into battle, its band played "Garry Owen," and the name stuck.

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The horseshoe on the squadron's insignia is heels up, and a blue ribbon that reads "Garryowen" closes the opening of the shoe. The tip of the calvary saber lies between the Y and the O of "Garryowen." The saber's position has led some people to call the 7th Cavalry Regiment the Garry Owen Cavalry, which is incorrect. The cavalry regiment's nickname, "Garryowen," is a single word.

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