How Do You Get a Free 411 Listing for Your Business?

To get a business listed in the 411 Directory Assistance, go to the List Yourself website, fill out the sign up form and complete the automated phone call for validation. After a wait period of approximately five days, List Yourself sends an email confirmation of your business's incorporation in the national 411 Directory Assistance.

It is also possible to list with SuperPages for free by visiting the SuperPages website and clicking Get Your Free Listing located on the bottom of the home page. To get listed on your local 411, directly call the number and ask for assistance in getting your business listed or directions on how to get your business listed.

Frontier Directory Services also maintains both simple and complex business listings that appear in the Directory Assistance records and in the White Pages Directory. To get on its directory, you must call the company directly.

You can also add your business to Verizon Business by contacting the Verizon office that serves your state and asking for a foreign listing. However, listing your business requires an initial one-time cost and a monthly fee. Verizon also maintains a wireless directory for businesses, and it accepts numbers from other cellphone carriers. This service is also not free and costs an initial one-time setup cost and a monthly fee to maintain the listing.