How Do You Find 411 Information for British Columbia?


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Use the 411 pages to look up someone in British Columbia by searching Canada 411's website using the person's name, address or phone number. Depending on the information you supply in the search field, Canada 411 returns as much information as possible.

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You can perform a standard search by entering the person's first and last name, or you enter the first initial and last name. If you use only the first initial and last name in the search field, you may get better results because you'll decrease the chances for spelling errors in the name. You can join a compound name with a hyphen if you are not seeing any return results, or you can remove the space between the names. If the name still does not return results, use only the first four letters of the last name.

You can also search for a person in British Columbia by address. Enter the house number, street name, city, province and postal code. If the address is too specific, you may not see many results, so you can remove the street type, or remove directional indicators from the name of the street, if applicable. You can also search for a person by a certain landmark.

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