What Is the 2014 Update to the Unemployment Extension?

For 2014 there was no federal unemployment extension. Only state unemployment benefits, which provided up to 26 weeks of unemployment compensation, were available. The exact duration depended on the unemployed individual’s location.

The purpose of federal unemployment extension is to provide financial assistance to workers who have been unemployed for long periods of time. During recessions, the federal government usually provides such benefits to individuals. In 2013 the House and Senate introduced legislation to renew Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which would have offered benefits to long-term unemployed individuals. If the legislation had passed, the federal government would have allowed a maximum of 37 weeks additional to the EUC benefits after the unemployed individual’s regular unemployment insurance claim ended.

The President and Congress engaged in a heated political struggle over whether to make federal unemployment extension available to unemployed workers but never approved the renewal of the extensions. The legislation expired at the end of 2013, with no reports of action to renew it.

The benefits of unemployed individuals differs according to each state’s unemployment rate. The total number of weeks they are eligible also depends on when their regular unemployment insurance claim ends and when they filed their federal extensions tiers. As 2014 came to an end, the weeks of federal extensions continued to decline, and most eligible unemployed individuals no longer qualified for any of the extensions.