How Does the 2014 Military Pay Chart Work?


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The 2014 military pay chart reflects the military payment due to officers, enlisted members, active duty, reserve and guard members based on time in service and grade or rank. The chart is updated yearly to take into account changes in pay rate due to variances in active pay raises, cost of living increases or special pay like hazardous duty pay.

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The military pay chart is based on the basic payment issued determined by rank and the time of service and special pay or pay entitlements due to special occupational contributions, such as diving, submarine or flight pay. Factoring issues that determine military pay include annual pay raises, longevity raises, number of drills for reservists, basic allowance for subsistence and housing, cost of living increases and special pay. The vertical chart correlates to the rank or pay grade and horizontally to the years in service. The correct monthly pay is reflected where the two columns meet. For example, an E-4 with 3 years in active duty would follow the left margin under E-4 to where the top column meets with 3 years. In 2014, the pay chart shows the pay at $2,216 with no special pay considerations. The Military Pay application is now available for mobile devices to access pay and allowance information.

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