What Are Some 2012 Voting Facts?


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Some facts about voting in the 2012 November election are that voter turnout was 57.5 percent and that black voters had a higher voter turnout than white voters. General turnout was the lowest since the 2000 election.

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In terms of percentage of voter-eligible population, the highest turnout for an individual state was Minnesota with 76.1 percent, while the lowest was West Virginia with 46.3 percent.

While black voters represented well in voting statistics in 2012, Hispanic voters had a voting turnout rate of below 50 percent, compared to around 66 percent of blacks and 62 percent of whites. Millennial voters increased their share of the vote since the previous election, while youth voters (age 18 to 24) decreased.

The 2012 general election resulted in the second term of President Barack Obama, who gained 51 percent of the total vote, including 45 percent of men and 55 percent of women. Voters concerned about issues like foreign policy and health care voted more frequently for Obama, while his opponent Mitt Romney commanded the votes of those concerned with the budget deficit and economic issues.

Democrats turned out to vote at a higher rate, making up 38 percent of the total voter population, compared to 32 percent Republicans.

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