What Is on Page 107 of the Health Care Bill?


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Page 107 of the House health care bill describes the procedure for appointment of a Special Inspector General for the federal health insurance exchange and begins to outline her duties. The page was famously included as part of a widespread chain mail that claimed it exempted Muslims from buying coverage.

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Page 107 establishes that the Special Inspector General is appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate. It also lists a duty of the Special Inspector General as conducting, supervising and coordinating audits, evaluations and investigations of the exchange.

The chain mail that mentions page 107 of the bill claims that Muslims are exempted from having to purchase health insurance due to a concept called "dhimmitude." This word does not actually make an appearance in the bill. While it is possible to claim a religious exemption to the requirement of purchasing health care, Muslims are not automatically exempted in this way. The religion meets the basic exemption requirement of having existed since at least 1951, but the IRS also considers the actual tenets of the religion and whether the religion has rejected Social Security in the past in an organized way. While not impossible for members of certain Islamic sects to claim an exemption, it is likely to be very difficult.

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