What Zoos Have the Best African Elephant Habitats?


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The Birmingham Zoo, the Dallas Zoo and the Cleveland Metropark Zoo are among zoos with state-of-the-art African elephant habitats, as of 2015. The American Zoo and Aquarium Association provides a list of accredited zoos with elephant habitats on the organization's AZA.org website.

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What Zoos Have the Best African Elephant Habitats?
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The Birmingham Zoo's Trails of Africa exhibit is the first in the nation to house a bachelor elephant herd successfully. The habitat design takes into account the space requirements of the larger, more muscular male animals. Visitors can view the elephants from the ground or raised observation points.

The Dallas Zoo's Giants of the Savanna habitat houses an all-female herd approximating a wild matriarchal group. The exhibit design promotes an active lifestyle with hidden treats as incentives to travel through the space. Observation sites at a water hole, a savanna and an elephant barn offer visitors chances to view the animals performing various activities. The zoo was the first in the nation to combine elephants with other savanna wildlife such as zebras, giraffes and impalas.

The Cleveland Metropark Zoo's African Elephant Crossing habitat includes five acres of grassland. Split between two large outdoor areas and an elephant care center, the exhibit affords visitors multiple observation points, at times, within 15 feet of the elephants. The African Elephant Crossing is one of the first outdoor habitats in North America to achieve certification as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) facility.

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