What Are the Zip Codes in Northeast Arkansas?

What Are the Zip Codes in Northeast Arkansas?

ZIP codes in northeast Arkansas include 72310 and 72315 in Mississippi County, 72377 and 72386 in Poinsett County, and 72401, 72402, and 72411 in Craighead County. Other Arkansas ZIP codes include 72422 and 72435 in Clay County, 72444 and 72460 in Randolph County, and 72457 and 72465 in Lawrence County.

ZIP codes for Greene County include 72474, 72443 and 72450.

One of the largest cities in northeast Arkansas is Jonesboro, which is in Craighead County. The city was established in 1859. Jonesboro is one of two county seats in Craighead County. The other is Lake City. Jonesboro is found in the upper Delta region, and its ZIP codes are 72401 to 72404. It is also the home of Arkansas State University.

Craighead isn't the only Arkansas county with two seats. The county seats of Mississippi County are Blytheville and Osceola, while the county seats of Clay County are Corning and Piggott. The county seat of Randolph is Pocahontas, while Walnut Ridge is the county seat of Lawrence, and Harrisburg is the county seat of Poinsett.

Northeast Arkansas is bordered by Missouri and part of Tennessee. Part of the area is bisected by the St. Francis River, which also forms part of the border with Missouri.