What Are the Zip Codes for Fort Wayne?


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Some ZIP codes for Fort Wayne, Indiana, include ZIP codes ranging from 46801 through 46809, as of 2014. Some additional ZIP codes include 46814, 46815 and 46816. There are approximately 43 ZIP codes in the Fort Wayne area.

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ZIP codes in Fort Wayne, Indiana, start with the prefix 468. The U.S. Postal Service assigns specific ZIP codes to post office boxes. For example, specific post office boxes in Fort Wayne use ZIP codes 46850 through 46869. Post office boxes in Fort Wayne also include ZIP codes ranging from 46895 through 46899. Some ZIP codes for post office boxes are unique to individual companies or organizations. For example, ZIP code 46897 is a ZIP code used for a particular company.

ZIP is an acronym that stands for Zone Improvement Plan. ZIP codes consist of five digits. The U.S. Post office uses these five digits to sort and deliver mail with precision. The first three numbers of the ZIP code indicates the sectional center or the large city while the last two digits indicate the post office or delivery area. The Plus-Four code, which is the four additional numbers following the ZIP code, shows the sector or block and the segment or side of the street.

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