Why Would Vacationers in Mexico Need to Get Matricula Consular ID Cards?


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Vacationers in Mexico would need to get a Matricula Consular ID card only to show that they are Mexican nationals who currently reside in a country other than Mexico. Matricula Consular ID cards serve as valid identification for Mexican citizens.

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A Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad is a type of identification issued to Mexican nationals who live outside of Mexico. The card is issued through the Government of Mexico's consulate offices, and it serves as a valid form of identification in various regions around the world. Vacationers to Mexico who live outside of Mexico but are Mexican citizens may use a Matricula Consular to confirm their Mexican citizenship.

Many have criticized the Matricula Consular identification card as an item that compromises the security of American businesses and institutions, according to American Thinker. Matricula Consular cards are issued with a less rigorous background and security check than U.S. identification cards, which means that many are worried that illegal immigrants to the United States from Mexico will be able to obtain ID cards to live in the United States even though they came over the border illegally. By definition, legal immigrants to the United States should have some sort of U.S. identification, so holders of Matricula Consular identification cards are often stereotyped as being illegal aliens.

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