What Would a Detailed Map of Cuba Include?

A detailed map of Cuba includes cities, towns, airports, main roads and railroads. A typical map also shows the boundaries for the island's 15 provinces and includes geographical features such as rivers, lakes, parks, swamps and high ground. Maps designed for tourists include viewing points and interesting buildings, such as castles, churches, museums and theatres. A map may also include the route and ports for the car ferry between Havana and the island municipality of Isla de la Juventud,

Vidiani.com's detailed road map of Cuba contains detailed map inserts of important cities, such as the capital city of Havana and the country's second largest city, Santiago de Cuba. Other inserts feature tourist areas such as Varadero and Guanabo. The insert maps show street names, parking lots, bus and train stations, and gas stations.

Moon.com's map features an insert showing the location of Cuba in relation to the other Caribbean islands of the Greater Antilles and the U.S. mainland.

VanDam's Cuba StreetSmart map features beaches, hotels, resorts and restaurants. This foldable, laminated map also features detailed inserts of several tourist areas, including Cayo Coco, Holguin and Havana.

StreetWise Maps Inc. offers a folding map of Cuba detailing main roads, towns and cities on one side and more detailed street maps of Havana, Varadero and Playas del Este on the other.