What Are Some of the Worst Cites in the United States in Which to Live?

Some of the worst cities in the United States in which to live as of 2015 include St. Louis, Missouri; Reno, Nevada; New Orleans, Louisiana; Birmingham, Alabama; and Memphis, Tennessee. California alone contains several of the top cities in which not to live such as Modesto, Oakland and Stockton.

Camden, New Jersey, takes the top spot in the worst places to live because of the urban decay, political corruption and impoverished citizens. Nearly half of the population lives in poverty with an average annual income of $18,000. The unemployment rate is also one of the highest in the nation. Detroit, Michigan, at number two suffers under a significant population decline, resulting in abandoned buildings and urban decay. Like Camden, the unemployment rate is significantly higher than the national average. Furthermore, this city has the highest rate of violent crime in country.

Memphis, Tennessee; Stockton, California; and New Orleans, Louisiana, all have high violent crime rates as well, with New Orleans having one of the highest murder rates in the world. New Orleans is also one of the dirtiest cities. Although Modesto is an agricultural city with a large, successful winery, it also has a high unemployment rate, a high poverty level and the highest rate of car theft in the country.