What Are Some of the World's Top Cities?

What Are Some of the World's Top Cities?

Top cities according to Conde Nast Traveler include Florence, Italy; Charleston, South Carolina; Quebec City, Canada; Barcelona, Spain; and New Orleans, Louisiana. Other contenders include Santa Fe, New Mexico and San Francisco, California.

Florence, Italy is known for its art, architecture and hearty cuisine. Beef cooked in a variety of ways is found throughout the city, including at the San Lorenzo Market. The town is also home to the Gucci Museum, where samples of Gucci's designs are on display.

Charleston, South Carolina is also known for its architecture combined with its Southern charm. The waterfront skirts the Atlantic, filled with boats, restaurants and pubs, while the side streets showcase colorful Victorian-era homes. Seafood is big on the menu here.

Quebec City, Canada offers the chance to visit France while still on North American soil. Old Town, the site of the original settlement, is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. Some of the buildings and cobblestone streets date back centuries.

Barcelona, Spain is sometimes referred to as the town that Gaudi built. Antonio Gaudi, an architect with an artistic eye, filled the area with buildings that are colorful and fluidic. The Museo Picasso and Barceloneta Beach are also big draws.

New Orleans, Louisiana is best known for its Mardi Gras celebration, jazz and Cajun food. Fresh oysters, crayfish and beignets, puffy pastries covered with powdered sugar, are found all over town. The architecture mimics the diverse population, featuring Spanish, French and Victorian designs.