Where on a World Map Is Doha?

Doha is a city located on the eastern coastal region of Qatar, which is a country found in the Arabian Peninsula. This city is the capital city of Qatar, and its population is approximately 800,000. The city was established in 1825.

Doha is situated near the Persian Gulf of this country, which also has borders with Saudi Arabia. Doha has an area of approximately 194 square miles. It also is the most populated city of Qatar, The city is both the government and economic center of Qatar. In 2022, Doha will be the host city for the FIFA World Cup event. Some sites of attraction in this city are the Doha Fort and shopping centers.

Qatar has a total land area of 7,200 square miles, and its population is more than 2.1 million. The main language spoken is Arabic. The percentages of different ethnic groups found in Qatar are 40 percent Arabs, 18 percent Pakistani, 18 percent Indian and 10 percent Iranian. The state religion is Islam, and nearly 77.5 percent of this country's population is Muslim. However, 8.5 percent of the population is Christian.

This country is a constitutional emirate with a ruling family that dates back to the 1800s. Qatar's main resources are petroleum and natural gas. The main industries are crude oil production and refining and fertilizers.