How Do You Word a Parental Consent Form?


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A parental consent form for travel should have a formal structure granting consent of the parents for the child to travel with the accompanying adult or adults, and it should contain relevant identifying information about the child and the accompanying adult, such as description and passport numbers. The letter should be notarized, if possible, though notarization isn't required.

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Due to the number of child abductions in custody disputes or human trafficking and pornography crimes, concerned airline or travel officials may ask to see a parental consent form for a child traveling with an adult who is not the parent or legal guardian. The form or letter should contain details about the parents, child, accompanying adult, and the time and place the child is traveling and staying.

The parental consent letter should open with a statement from the parents, such as "We, (full names), the legal custodial parents/guardians of..." and then list the child's name, date and place of birth, passport number, and place and date of issue of the child's passport. The form should then grant consent for the child to travel with the adult and should provide the adult's name and passport information, including number, date of issue and place of issue.

Finally, the letter should include the dates the child is traveling with the adult and the address where the child is staying, as well as any other information about the trip that might be relevant, such as other places the child may travel. Both parents should sign the document and have it notarized.

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