What Were Mussolini's Accomplishments?

Making the Italian military strong and signing of the Lateran Treaty of 1929 were among Benito Mussolini's major accomplishments. The Lateran Treaty strengthened the relationship between the Vatican and Italy.

The Lateran Treaty also outlined the parts of Vatican City that would be exempt from certain taxes and laws. It also provided Vatican City compensation for some of the territory it had previously lost.

Mussolini also saw many achievements while leading Italy in both the military and governmental sense. He became the prime minister of Italy in 1922, and he decided he would try to recreate the Ancient Roman Empire shortly after. In his efforts, he began conquering territories and seizing power of other countries. Due to his military genius, he slowly began making Italy the dominant leader of the region as states began to fall one by one. He also allied with Adolf Hitler in his quest to turn Italy into a complete totalitarian state.

His partnership with Hitler faltered after Germany declared war in 1939. Mussolini was not prepared for the war, and it did not take long for his military to see defeat. In 1943, Mussolini was overthrown, and Hitler made him dictator of Northern Italy. Only two years later, the Germans were defeated, and the insurgents killed Mussolini.