How Do You Find Weigh Station Locations?


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Weigh station locations are found on websites such as CoopsAreOpen.com and DieselBoss.com. ScaleBuddy.com is another option. In addition to a weigh station search, this website offers a free mobile app that alerts drivers when they are approaching a weigh station and whether it is open or closed.

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CoopsAreOpen.com breaks down weigh station information by state. Choose a state by clicking either on the map or on the alphabetical listing below. For example, if you select California, a map pulls up showing the major highways with the weigh stations represented by red dots. Beneath the map are traffic and trucking updates, followed by a list of the weigh stations and their locations. Click on a station for more information.

To find a weigh station on DieselBoss.com, select the green Weigh Stations button, and fill in the requested information on the next page. First, choose a state, the type of search -- in this case, State Weigh Stations -- and a highway or city. If, for example, you choose San Rafael, the site brings up two weigh stations and their locations. Click on a weigh station, and a map pulls up, along with additional information. This website also searches for weigh stations in Canada.

DieselBoss.com provides links to Department of Transportation websites in all 50 states and to Transport Canada sites. The website also offers a mobile app.

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