What Websites Offer Live Traffic Updates?

What Websites Offer Live Traffic Updates?

What Websites Offer Live Traffic Updates?

Checking traffic online before leaving to get on the road is easy using live traffic update websites. Many websites that offer mobile apps also have computer websites to check current traffic conditions such as MapQuest and Waze.

The opportunity to avoid problem road conditions is easy using websites that offer updated live traffic information.

Choose a traffic website that offers specific road conditions, including road closures, construction sites as well as auto accident information. Many cities have dedicated websites specific to the region that can be accessed online, by mobile applications as well as by calling a special phone number for traffic information.

National and Regional Live Traffic Websites

Trafficmanagement, Fastdrivingmaps, Hre, Waze, MapQuest and Googlemaps are among the helpful websites. In addition to traffic information the National Weather Service offers road conditions around the country regarding weather-related road hazards at crh.noaa.gov. Use the search box on the site for the desired location.

Local Live Traffic Websites

Type in the name of a local city plus "live traffic update" into any search engine and the local Website for that community will be listed. Included in the list are several of the Websites listed above that offer a local update by keying in the desired location where live traffic update is requested.